The Power of cooking with Utensils

Food has become the driving force of what we do each day. As we can now stay connected with friends and families from anywhere
across the world. Food brings family together as we divulge into creating memories when we prepare those delicious meals.

We can all predict the inevitable of a world without food as we need food to function on a day to day basis. As we showoff our
exciting meals with the use of technology we can connect us with others and also accomplish things that were impossible to
accomplish before it was first invented. Imagine, traveling from point A to B without a car and compare that scenario to what
was experienced in the past before technology came into existence. You will have to walk for days or months to enable you
arrive at your destination. Also, with the climate condition, wild animals and other unforeseen conditions it will be nearly
impossible to accomplish. Technology i will say is the best thing that has happened to mankind however, we can’t speculate the outcome in the near future.

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