About Us

The Beasttechs Experience
Beasttechs was founded in 2018, with the sole aim of making user buying experience pleasurable and at the same time memorable. We offer a wide variety of consumer targeted kitchen accessories at competitive prices. We created Beasttechs after realizing the growing demands of quality products in the market. As some retailers offer inferior and low-quality products with zero life expectancy. During our research, we noted that most consumers are not fully satisfied with quality of goods they receive. We want to present customers with competitive prices and also deliver goods that meets their expectations. We are locally owned and operated and have our location in Washington. Most of our products are packaged at our warehouse and shipped directly to the customer with the safest means possible. We hope we can deliver quality and not quantity and create a safe buying atmosphere for all buyers.
We specialize in cookware such as pots, pans, cutting boards, dough blender, potato peeler, knives and more. We always try to focus on the positive outcome presented by the experience we provide to customers. We hope your visit with us will be amusing but yet exciting thank you.